Sunday, June 28, 2009

I know where the summer goes







New York-based photographer Ryan McGinley has gone from being perceived as the hottest young photographer in town to being considered as serious artist with a rare gift for creating enduring colour photographs, photographs that show us the best of youth. The title of this work, I know where the summer goes taken from early B-side by Belle & Sebastian, is more than just poetic musing. McGinley does, in fact, know where his summers go In the summer of 2007, for example, he traversed the United States with sixteen models and three assistants, shooting 4,000 rolls of film.From the resulting 150,000 photographs, he arduously narrowed down the body of work to some fifty images, the best of which are on display at teamgal.

Niki's holiday


shimu's holiday said...


viky said...

wonderful photos!

ana b. said...

How gorgeous! I love the summery, retro washed out processing. But I especially love the turquoise sky with the girls' head popping into the frame. So evocative.

Parut said...

Can I treat these photographs as a 'realistic'?

On the one hand, the nostalgic images remind me of where I went. On the another hand, the 'in the air images' evoke me that I had dreamed.

Yet, the photographs tell me that my dream is happened sometime, in somewhere, by someone.

As Bell & Sebastian suggests me to 'Sleep the Clock Around', now, I might have to 'take a valium pill' if I want to jump in the field with my naked friends.

However, while I can 'go to the place', I haven't 'finally found' it; yet I will, I will, I will.

Yes sure, I will take the pictures soon in another contexts. I might not let you see, my dear; but, trust me, (hahahahahaha lol) after Cinderella examines my delirium, she might interprets that 'my dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

The Summer hasn't gone. Firstly, I will see 'Where the Summer Goes'.............

-Being in the Holiday of Goo-

techinkraikhajornkitti said...

How cool is it !!Look very natural and innocent...... remind me of W mag Summer Camp by Bruce Weber .... love everything of it...

shimu's holiday said...

I love Summer Camp in W mag so much!!!


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