Saturday, June 20, 2009

Amazing Lace (in Cruise 2010)

3.1 Phillip Lim & Balenciaga

Chanel & Stella McCartney

Oscar de la Renta & Yves Saint Laurent

Stella McCartney & Oscar de la Renta

Chanel & 3.1 Phillip Lim

I'm obsessed with lace. I think "lace" have it's own characters. When you make a clothes out of lace it say a lot of things, sexy, fragile, delicate, feminine or even posh. In this cruise 2010 collection these brands say different things. Phillip Lim goes for delicate but on the contrary Balenciaga creates a new feeling out of lace, to be feminine, yet strong. When Chanel combines mystery and posh together. Ahh..and Stella, Stella McCartney goes for sexy, super cool and super sexy. For Oscar de la Renta, it's like a young graceful heiress who's always dressed so classy.

are you having fun indulge in these amazing lace like me ?

♥♥ lots of love ♥♥

Pan's Holiday

P.S. I just bought a lovely lace dress from Topshop and Niki also got super cool lace top from Forever21 :))


yingggg said...

i love lace : )

techinkraikhajornkitti said...

My thesis I used a lace to make my dress feel abit mysterious and sexy.....
I'm a big fan of lace too

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