Thursday, June 4, 2009

Everyone Can be a Trend Setter ♥

YES, EVERYONE ! My beloved sister send me this website called Polyvore , a super cool website that you can styling your own trend easy piecy from every product that exist online (and that include all the juicy brand names). You see, Niki and I've been having such fun, from our first day we already create 3 sets each. Above is our works. (We pretty obsess with those we want in real life, so the set is fulled of Marni, Lanvin, YSL, Chloe, McQueen and Macaroons :))

We created a group and waiting for you guys to join us. Search for Shimu's Holiday and have fun together. Dun forget to add us as friend. We're waiting for you !!!!
Pan's Holiday


shimu's holiday said...

So cute!! really like this website!!!!

Niki's holidaysu

Mona said...

omg i was so obsessed with polyvore last year!! Its so addictive! Love the sets you put together<3

ms rahrah said...

WHEE!!! polyvore is the best!
ur sets are adorable! : )

Michelle said...

Beware: I once spent almost three hours...THREE HOURS...putting outfits together on polyvore when I was supposed to be writing a paper. It's dangerously addictive!

viky said...

wow polyvore is great!

macyaverage said...

ahaha, polyvore gets really addictive. Better be careful ;)

shimu's holiday said...

omg, why everyone saying this. I should really beware !!
hahaha, but i still enjoy it.

Pan's Holiday

Supparin said...

Please make me know that how you can save your polyvore from the website. Thks a lot.

shimu's holiday said...

It can only be posted in the blog or webboard ka. You have to copy the html code and paste it in your blog or in a webboard. Then you can save the picture from that blog like usaul. Otherwise you could press printscreen on you keyboard (in PC)/ snap (in MAC) and paste it in photoshop ka.

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