Friday, May 29, 2009

The Unknown Hipster






If you check, you'll find a little article talk about this new interesting blog, The Unknown Hipster. A fun project of Jean-Philippe Delhomme, a french artist and author, who state himself in this blog as "Born French, Unknown Hipster early moved to New York to become a painter, a poet, or whichever position was available on the Art scene. Once a lead tambourin for « Uneven dusk », it’s unclear what became his main occupation after the band quickly broke-up." He transform himself into a bushy beard red head guy who love to wear plaid. It's a fun blog to read and see. The illustration is we have to talk about that?, he's an artist!
so, say no more. just CHECK

Pan's Holiday


Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Wow! These are amazing!
I love beardy men in plaid :)

AsianCajuns said...

So awesome! I love this! I'm going to check it out now!

The Clothes Horse said...

Those illustrations are fun. I love this tongue-in-cheek hipster reference.

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