Sunday, May 3, 2009

City girl







Tokyo hasn't change much since my last trip. Weather was so nice and sunny. It was fun just to walk around and often found something unexpected in Tokyo. This is the city that i can't get enough. It full of life and surprises as ever. Sometime it really make me think of Disneyland... There are fun and colors everywhere... This song is so perfect for this trip it make me want to jump around and run around all day >> Goin Down - Evangelicals (Download)

With love,
Niki's holiday


shimu's holiday said...

good girl!


agnes said...

awwww.. I miss tokyo too. I guess you must have a great time there, right ??

agnes :)

ana b. said...

Tokyo was such a mindtrip. So much stimulation everywhere. Please take me to the shop in the first photo!

shimu's holiday said...

This shop in in Daikanyama very nice area with lots of very cute small shop and cafe. This is a very very useful web site for travel (and shopping of course) totally recommend!!!


kelse said...

that first shot is amazing, love that you have a 'ride ride ride' tag ha.. x

Andromache said...

This place is so chic! Especially the shop in the first photo. I'd like to discover this side of Japan too.

Going For Golds said...

ohh, i love this cute shop! and wanna go there~:3

こんにちは, konnichiwa ka:D

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