Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dream Away Bride




Another day of my job. We started at 6 am. (the models got their makeup done at 5, tough! ) The first shot was with the first sun light. Our models were fantastic, lively and beautiful. The wedding dresses was blown my mind away. It's truly beautiful and can not be dressed by one's own. When you got in, the feeling is just so different (I was the extra in the shot, haha). It's like you grow into someone else. The guesses in the hotel was so exciting and congratulating our brides on their big day. Some were asking for the groom but there's no groom, only 4 assistant stylists running around holding gown train, bouquets, shoes, veils, flowers, jewelries and anything you can think of. At the end of the day we know it's another impressive shoot. We all felt like 5 pm is actually 8 pm (the watch must be wrong!). After all it was a fun day.

for those in Thailand, this Harper's Bazaar wedding issue will be out this Friday!!
I'm exciting to see it too.
Pan's Holiday

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muchlove said...

I love these outtakes.

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