Monday, May 25, 2009



This post is dedicated to a Polaroid thanksgiving.

In the very first place I want to thank Mr. Edwin Land for all his breaking inventions and for never stop believing in his work and constantly improving the features of his cameras and films.

Presenting the first Polaroid picture to the public in 1947 and launching the first Polaroid camera (model 95) in 1948, Polaroid brought us an almost countless number of amazing Polaroid tools.

Among these optical masterpieces one is maybe outstanding: The original SX-70 was presented in 1972 and was a breathtaking success, zooming Edward Land on the cover of many magazines all over the world.

For us it is not only the magic and the power of these cameras, that make Polaroid such an highly addictive brand, but the whole package you get when buying a Polaroid tool. The design of the box and manuals, the way every features is carefully integrated: Every little detail shows the love and the positive thinking behind these products...

With love,
Niki's holiday

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