Monday, May 25, 2009

Teardrop Sweetheart




Misha, a New York based band that released a very lovely album,Teardrop Sweetheart, a couple of years ago. The soul of the band is a lovely couple named Ashley Yao and John Chao. The two grew up together in Taiwan, bumped into each other 15 years later in NYC, began dating and finally began making sweet music together.

"We hope you like some of it, if not all of it. And if you don't like any of it, well, hopefully you don't hate it. And if you hate it, well, there's no pleasing everyone. And if everyone hates it, well, at least we all still have dayjobs for now."
(Yao is a professional model and Chao is a consultant)

Weatherbee - Misha (MP3 download)
Summersend - Misha (MP3 download)

with love,
Pan's Holiday

1 comment:

macyaverage said...

they look like a really awesome duo, and I love the quote you've put at the end. They seem so unlikely, I love that they found each other to do music.

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