Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Onward The Indian (2)

I know I know, we don't look that Indian, but we have tried. Some of us were more like Arabs, Nepalese or Moroccans. This is the best we can find in limited time. well, who's care? We were having fun!!

Pan's Holiday

P.s. On the first picture is the host of the party, it's her birthday party!! and on the fourth picture is her boyfriend with his birthday gift. What a cool gift !! And he did it himself!


xladyxleahx said...

cool blog
stop by mine sometime

=- Junista -= said...

Nice try this time. almost make me believe that u guys are indians...excepts the eyes -_- ehehe

shimu's holiday said...

well, we did spend many pots of our cream eyeliner but that the best we can do.


Rabenschwarz said...

funny first photo.

Amplified said...

Lol. U guys are totally hilarious. I love the 'drawn-on moustache'.
Thanks for stopping by my blog..
Merry Xmas to u too Pan's Holiday

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