Monday, December 1, 2008

Lovely Anita

I love Anita Pallenberg. Anita married Keith Richards of Rolling Stones and become more than a groupie or a partner of a band member. She also an actress and most important, a style icon. She influenced Kate Moss and said to be the original of Sienna Miller's boho look.

These are part of her interview with Jane Holzer or baby jane, one of Warhol's super star, from cheap date magazine, fall 2002

Anita : Do you remember Edie Sedgwick? I remember her being very sad.
Jane : She wasn't so sad. She was just stoned all the time.
Anita : But never happy stoned. Maybe it was her makeup that made her look sad. So what do you remember about doing those films with Warhol ?
Jane : We'd always be waiting for Edie. We would all be straight and uptight by the time she arrived, and she would be so loose, so beautiful, so perfect. She was AMAZING! I wish she still here.

Pan's holiday

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