Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shimu's Showcase no.1: The Misplace

The "Innocent-ish"

tied it!

tightened it!

clip it!

at the show

I just read the latest post in The Sartorialist about the shrink shirt as cardigan and I have a really strong opinion that "there's the different between what INTEND to be and what FORCE to be". Also I don't blame the latter guy, I love his courage but I just couldn't agree if you going to say that it's the same thing.

Maybe the reason that i feel strongly about this is because me, myself have experienced "the vague concept of proportion". This set of rings, you see here, is my own design ( and even the making process too). It's actually play with the concept of misplace in the "gem setting". The original concept come from the innocent and sarcasm of famous comedians around the world such as mr.bean, Jarcques Tati, Napoleon Dynamite, Tora san and Boonshu, the thai innocent charactor. That's why this set of jewelry is name "Innocent-ish"

Now if i really put a real rope/ sling/ clip into the ring. It's no different to a piece of trash or kid-played jewelry. It's maybe an art piece but can not be taken as a design. Even if it's an art piece, it's have to be a result of many processes of thinking.

I does show what i think.
Now it's your turn, tell me what you think.

Pan's Holiday

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