Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kayt Jones

I think I'm a fan of Kayt Jones. To me her works are mixture of feminine vibes and a little dose of mystery. Isn't that what drive men crazy ?
Jones also have interesting biography. At seventeen she spent the money she had saved for a car on a Leica M4. Then her fate was sealed. After that she studied films and photography in London Wesminister. Her love in cinema give another ingredient to her photography style, the feeling of a still from the movie that was never shot. Today Jones lives with her husband, an actor, and her daughters in LA.
I secretly hope that one day she would show us her love in cinema by making a beautiful movie like those in her photos.

Pan's Holiday


Genevieve said...

Beautiful photos xo

shimu's holiday said...

Leica M4!!! That's my dream camera!.

Niki's holiday

rebeca said...

woww! so cute:)

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