Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shimu's Showcase no.5: Central Saint Martins Menswear 2012

Are you one of the people who never thought about study Menswear ? Now you might change your mind after seeing this. Our good friend, Pun (a.k.a. Pyonce), give us the reason why music make them lose control. He said because of the hard work at the end of the semester so they decided (like our motto, work hard play harder) to have a fun project. No wasting time, the whole class (include the professor) get up to do the dance and make this video clip. Now many ppl really interest in Menswear class and the video get into How cool is that ?

I recommended you watch til the end because the credit part is incredibly good.

Thank You: Pun and the class of 2012 to make us want to lose control in class too.

Pan's Holiday

1 comment:

dounglerthai said...

This is funny and such a good showcase
love it!
Ps. I met the teacher at school everyday, I might talk to him about the vdo tmr, Lol

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