Friday, July 3, 2009

Shimu's on Facebook




It's been so long that we known some of you and it's been so nice to know many of you. Many that we take as good friends (Mona from Brunch After Breakfast, Ana B. from on dressing up, Viky from Dancing to the Beat of Rain, Michelle from Pine & Lord, Asian Cajun sisters from Asian Cajuns). Now, before this sound like an Oscar speech, I suggest why don't we get a little more connect ?

I believe some of you have a question for us and we love to answer it all. Or even better we love to talk to you about anything. So you can now add us in our Facebook page !!

Let's meet!

Are you our fan ?
Holiday's Sister


Anonymous said...

I m relly ur fan.

Shimu Treasures is so cool. I luv it yaaaaaa.

TGI Friday !?! Enjoy ur weekend & ya long holiday woooooo huu.


shimu's holiday said...

hahaha, Thank you, Zig-Gu-Rat
Enjoy yours too!!

Pan's Holiday

Sophie said...

i really love the first photo (L)

Michelle said...

Aw! Thank you a million times for mentioning/linking to my humble little blog! I really appreciate it.

I haven't been on facebook in months, but I may just have to log in to become a fan. Cheers!

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