Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drawing Conclusions: Beauty Must Have!




This girl who work as a graphic designer for Flynow III, she's a party queen. She got style and she dressed so fine. We all love her but what more important is she can draw and we want more!
I can assure you that what she recommend above are great products! Also the last picture is an additional because again, we want more!

Illustration by: Jeep of The Queen (Pasinee Kongdechakul)

Pan's Holiday


Anonymous said...

ขอกรี๊ดสลบสักสามที ช๊อบชอบบบบบบ!!

Anonymous said...

I like i like douy!!!
mine look bad pai leoy =[

Is this Jeep, oil's friend??

shimu's holiday said...

yes, it is.
You both did a good job na :))

Jeep of the Queen said...

thx ha pannie~!!


Jenny said...

Glorious...I really LOVE it, such a nice drawing.

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