Friday, November 11, 2011

Beirut's top 5 most listened to album of 2011

Paul Collins from my favorite band of all time, Beirut, just give an interview about his and his band top five most listened to album of 2011. It's a nice set of music to listened while on the road in the sun ♥ But first thing first, here's "Santa Fe" from their latest album:

Beirut's Paul Collin Top 5
1.Julian Lynch - "Terra" (2011)
"Not to sound like a broken record, but I can't stop listening to it, I can't stop listening to it, I can't stop listening to it."

2.Bill Callahan - "Apocalypse" (2011)
"Callahan is an all-time favorite for Beirut. I listened to this album twice, and put it away in disappointment. I picked it up again three months later and was floored. I don't understand why that always seems to happen with my favorite records, but it does."

3.Michael Hurley - "First Songs" (1964)
"'Tea Song' is my song of the year. His Fatboy Spring album might have made this list, too, if I hadn't only purchased the record a week ago."

4.Laetita Sadier - "The Trip" (2010)
"I listened to this record while driving through Vermont in the fall. The leaves were all changing. Orange, Red, and Yellow. I love Laetitia, and her imagination and creative capacities seem endless. Wonderful music."

5.Six Organs of Admittance - "Asleep on The Floodplain" (2011)
"Ben Chasny is my favorite living guitar player. This record is dark, beautiful, and inspiring. It's my favorite record of his since School of the Flower. This record feels like a prayer."

Thank you : Dallas Observer for a very nice article!
My favorite is Laetitia Sadier! Her song make you float :)) What's yours ?
For those who'd like to know more about Beirut, check my post about him here

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