Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten Winter Acts

It's winter time!! After the first cool wind touch my face I know we gotta do something!!
1.Out in the sun
We would never have a chance to do that in hot weather but in winter the sun is just so nice!

2.Hit the playground ♥
Let's go back and have a blast in the playground. In this kind of weather playground and ice cream is ahh.. so happy :))

3.Create Christmas playlist
4.Walk the dog (a.k.a walking Shimu)
The weather is nice and the dog deserve to feel it as much as you do. So why don't we take our best friend for steps on the grass.

5.Walk Walk Walk
Not just the dog but also us too!! Put on your lovely flats (even though they lost the vote) and start walking instead of driving or taking cab.

6.Be in bed all day!!
Sometime, after a long walk, it's better to stay in bed all day (with or without your beloved one) and..... (see the next act)

7.Finish the book
yes, finish your old book. (finally)

8.Have an outdoor drink!! (like those, Parisian people)
Have a drink with friends. what could be better than a chilled glass of champagne in a lovely outdoor cafe.

9.Dig out cool winter stuff that we can't put on in hot weather
I know we all got at lease one piece of clothes that tuck in the deepest corner of our closet waiting for the temperature to low down. So we can pull it out to wear it again! (sigh..finally)

10.Making new friends!
If you do all the above and still not satisfy. Another way to make if more fun is to do it with your friends or making a new friend. This time of year is the perfect time for hanging out with friends or even fall in love!

let us have a nice winter !
warning: these tips only work for winter in Thailand

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