Monday, November 23, 2009

Shimu are now 1 year old (and proud of it)

Dear Sirs and Madams... / Ladies and Gentlemen... / Mr. and Ms. ...
We now pronounce our 1 year anniversary. To celebrate our 1 year, first of all.. We begin our ritual for taking a Polaroid like we first met you this time last year.

23 November 2009


23 November 2008

Secondly, We proudly present our new icon :)))

yes, you could say that we outshine the sun..hahaha. and thirdly, we introduce you our new contributor who going to give you a guide of food, drinks, cafe, candy, wine, cheese, brunch and anything you can imagine about food world.. meet our girl, Praew♥
So welcomed Praew and if you visit this blog for the first time, welcome to you too♥

Last but not lease.. we here give a big THANK YOU to every fans, followers, comments, likes, tweets, facebook, emails, compliments, greetings and any form of feedback to us. It was those words that make us have today.

we have many many ideas of the year to come. I believe our relationship will have a long way. Now, our last word...

We love you!
Pan, Niki, Pad of


rose said...

congratulation ka !

Anonymous said...

we love you too!!!
from all the teaspoons

Mona said...

What a lovely celebration!
Go Shimu!

สุรัศมี said...

congratulations ka!!! yeah!!!

dounglerthai said...

love picnic ♥


Cristina Lopez Pancorbo said...

What an amazing team you have there!!! I'll follow you! and happy b-day! :)

Cris at

shimu's holiday said...



shimu's holiday said...

oh..thank you :))

It's a wonderful anniversary

Shimu's Holiday

shimu's holiday said...

Thank you Rose, Teaspoons, Mona, สุรัศมี, Dounglerthai, Cristina Lopez Pancorbo and everyone Thank you so much for your kind support!! Love you all!!

Niki's holiday

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