Friday, November 27, 2009

Wes Anderson! you are the one♥


1. Wes made iPhone videos of himself acting out the scenes in MR Fox to send to the animators when he couldn't describe something in words.

2. Owen Wilson and Wes went to the same school on Houston, Texas, and the two friends have worked together on every single one of Wes's films.

3. He once carried $14,000 in a suitcase in order to pay off Bill Murray's debts.

4. In Mr Fox, he recorded all of the actors' voices on location, so the sound of the wind in the trees makes it into the film.

5. He didn't really get The Big Lebowski the first time he watched it.

6. He found the 50-year-old boat in The Life Aquatic in Capetown and had it brought to Rome.

7. The academy that features in Rushmore is actually the school that Wes attended.

8. One of his favorite directors is the iconic New Wave Frenchman Francois Truffaut.

9. He gets his suits tailor-nade to be half a size too small.

10. Without exception, he used the font Futura Bold in his films.

I love him to death. He has been voted among our friends to be the most desirable man ever lol and i'm totally agree with that :D

With LOVE,
Niki's holiday

Credit: Dazed&Confused

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