Monday, November 30, 2009

Designers Lookbook

Designers set us trend for the season but for this Spring-Summer 2010. We, shimu decided to get even with them by grouping them into ss10 Designer's trend. Here, Shimu's Holiday present "Designer Lookbook".

1. Boot cut
Seem like dusty jeans is coming. At lease 7 top designer is wearing it (include Thakoon). Or maybe it's just comfy for their big day.

2. The Black Pull Over
What with the black pull over ? Everyone seem to wear it. From Christopher Kane to Giorgio Armani. That's means London-Paris-Milan!!

3. Khaki Pants
This is quite surprising for me when I found 4 of the top designer love khaki pants ? Have you guys got one in your closet ???

4. Head to Toe Black
I can understand this one. Black is just so classic. Everyone looked so cool in their black but look closely, it's not just simple black. They combine simple pieces with outstanding piece.

5. boy shorts
Marc Jacob or Alexander Wang ? They dressed quit the same, black shorts with no socks matched with white top.

6. Simple Blazer
Another uniform for designer (just like the head to toe black). A simple tee and simple pants with simple blazer but it turn out sharp and cool. The secret is proportion!

7. the conservative
These guys just go with suit when come to the big day. They looked all nice and important.

8. the outcast
These are those who care no rules. They are the colors of the fashion weeks. It was fun watching them dressing!

They all give us an extravagant line of clothes but when it come to dress themselves, they all just stick to simple. Or is it the simple that will stay forever ?

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Gosh!!! You're right! this is awesome ;-)

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very nice blog!

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