Saturday, February 21, 2009

crime partners


yesterday is miss Mona last day for internship. So we all sneak out for a shoot. It's been such fun!!
but after miss Mona left, I stayed at the office till 3.45 in the morning to wrapping up the issue. So I have to apologize you all for lack of blogging.

anyway, MORE picture at miss Mona site.

Pan's Holiday


Anonymous said...


Mona said...

OMFG 3.45am! Seriously? 'The magazine' is so over-working you! As if I never knew that ;P

Can't wait to see these photos through your lens! Get them up soon, ok?

Indie.Tea said...

Very cute...especially the gray dress!

ana b. said...

I love the cardigan? Are those cupcakes on it?!

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