Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Outside is the new Inside

Just wanted the show you how beautiful of something most of the time I forgot to see. Outside is totally the new inside.

Cute little video by : Niki Lisa Nantaterm, Shuaini Zhang, Jing-Xuan Zhang, Tarun Durga, Soon-Gul Kwon, Alexandra Lou Plesner

niki's holiday


shimu's holiday said...

cute, ki!!!

and great song too!!!
I love it!!

I'm proud of you jung :)))))))))))


Anonymous said...

very inspiring ! lovey song *
i love it and thank you for sharing. :))

Anonymous said...

What the name of this song ka?

lisa said...

It's Used To Be by Beach House ka.

Niki's holiday

lisa said...

Thank you for all the comments:)

Niki's holiday

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