Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Karl's Coco





all illustrations by Karl Lagerfeld

The drawing of Coco Chanel from Karl Lagerfeld. The first 2 I took it form Harper's BAZAAR article on September 2009. It's pretty funny when Harper's BAZAAR ask Karl to portray mademoiselle Coco and answer the question for HB. my favorite question is :

HB: What's the new Chanel classic?

CC: As apparently my old jacket is still around, done by this idiot Karl, I have to help him find a new idea.

lol, karl is filled with dark humor. For the third anf 4th picture, I scanned from Harper's BAZAAR April 2005 (oh, yes I've been going through HB old issues hidden under my art director's desk). It's so funny too. You have to read what Karl write. And for the last is the cover of the latest Chanel Paris-Shanghai press kit. I'll make a post of it pretty soon!

hope you get some inspiration,


Pan's Holiday

P.S. If you really love Karl, I found this blog called Karl Lagerfeld's guide to life under the url ,also very funny!

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