Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slow Reverse

track 1 : Tuesday

track 5: Afterdark

track 4: Live Action Sequence

track 2: Moving

the band

They described their music as a"dreamy synth-pop" style but I think they're more like a "walking-in-the-park-on-lovely-Sunday-and-feel-the-wind-on-your-face music". If you not sure what that kind of music is all about, I suggest check their myspace and feel it yourself. The band Slow Reverse is a come together of 2 girls and a boy to create the beautiful music together. (one of them is our lovely mama oil from UMA). If you love the song, I suggest you buy the limited edition and you will get a little book of those beautiful pictures above.

Pan's Holiday

1 comment:

mamaoil said...

"walking-in-the-park-on-lovely-Sunday-and-feel-the-wind-on-your-face music"


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