Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Ladies ladies ladies!! Niki's Holiday of Shimu's Holiday now served her craze for beauty by creating her own BEAUTY blog!! In the name of "Beyond Jealous". And believe me she IS really crazy with beauty. The girl have 3 wigs, hundreds of cosmetics and buy 10 box of false eyelashes at a time. And now out from her lips of why and how and whatever about beauty!!

Pan's Holiday : What on earth make you do the beauty blog ?
Niki of Beyond Jealous: first of all, now I'm a cosmetic lunatic. I do a beauty research everyday till 4 in the morning, not counting when my friends send me the beauty reviews all the time! Second, I buy tons of beauty products and books about beauty. So it'd be great to share with you guys and to have beauty library of my own on the internet.

PH : Why you have 3 wigs ?
NBJ : I dun understand myself loey. I never used it. My boyfriend hates it.
PH : hahahahaha

PH : okay, So what is your worst mistake about beauty ?
NBJ : my wigs
PH : apart from that ?
NBJ : well, now I' getting tanner, I mean DARKER. So I have to bought all the darker stuff for my face and when I wear my old powder or foundation, I look like wearing a mask.

PH : How much you spend for beauty per month ?
NBJ : every pences I got. (separate budget with fashion, though)

PH : I see. What is your biggest craze right now ?
NBJ : M.A.C. style black collection. I want it ALL (two each if possible). and Alexander Wang for Maquillage EVERY colors in every forms.

PH : Now, this is the trick question. Would you translate this interview into Thai for your blog ?
NBJ : send me! จัดมา !
PH : okie dokie, Thank you for visiting Shimu's Holiday

Pan' s Holiday

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