Monday, October 26, 2009

Killer Heels VS Comfy Flats

Alexander McQueen VS Comme des Garcons

Fendi VS Marni

Alexander McQueen VS Chloe

Jil Sander VS Louis Vuitton

John Galliano VS Marc Jacobs

Prada SSo9 show

Killer Heels: They do kill! Both killing in the term of "fabulous" and literally "kill" as it hurt so bad when walking. The good thing is they're gorgeous and will make your oh-so-simple outfit look fabulous in a flash. and the bad ? They make every step feel like walking barefoot on hot pebbles, not to mention how much they will change your feet figure.

Comfy Flats: for comfy flats. well, they're comfy. You can walk a hundred miles and feel nothing (perfect for shopping). You can use them everyday and it not ruin your feet shape. BUT they don't "breathtaking". They don't give you the kind of "wow" when you walk into the room and don't to forget, they don't give you the tall-and-skinny-model-legs look.

So girls, what do you choose ?

Killer heels or Comfy flats ?

Niki & Pan 's holiday


Claire said...

Oh my goodness! I'm in love with the second pair of Alexander Mcqueen heels, they're pretty epic.

ihatecamera said...

Mcqueen heels made me feel horrible!

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