Friday, January 23, 2009

Venetia Scott : Smell like teen Spirit

Her inspirations, Joseph Szabo's works and Larry Clark's Teenage Lust.

Venetia Scott and her daughter, Lola. Photographed by Juergen Teller

" I always want you to see the girl, and then have the clothes tell you something more about her"
says, Venetia Scott.

She is the central member of Marc Jacobs design team and the stylist who pushed her then boyfriend, Juergen Teller into the controversially raw style. Her stamp -- downplayed vintage college-kid style drawn from personal memories and 1970s thrift-shop leftovers--is particularly visible in the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. You and me might be amazed knowing how much of her works that we all fall in love with and for those who don't know her well, here is her brief biography and inspiration.

after a four-year stint at British Vogue, witnessed the late-eighties rise of glamazonian power dressing and was permanently awestruck by the frisson of English correctness--"a sort of discipline and perfection", she was at her loose ends. It's also that time that she met Teller. Together they began to rebel by captured young faces in road stories that narrowed the distinction between fashion and reportage almost to vanishing point. "It' was about going to festivals, being back in jeans and Birkenstocks--at ease instead of in Alaia." Partly, too, the work was inspired by her shock of recognition when she first saw Larry Clark's Teenage Lust and a photograph by Joseph Szabo. Scott also gathers thrift-shop clothes to mix with current fashion which were her autobiographical resurrections of kind of things her mother and hippy big sister wore in the seventies. Those theme recur in her work with Jacobs. After her split with Teller, she also started to take the photograph herself.

Scott works with photographer like David Sims, Helmut Newton, Juergen Teller, Mario Sorenti and Stephen Shores. And in publications like Another Magazine, i-D, Self Service and W.

"I really don't think like other stylists. It's not about the fashion" "it's about a dream girl" says Venetia Scott.

edited from the book, Stylist, The Interpreters of Fashion by Sarah Mower

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