Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Fashion mise-en-scene

as I said, I got some cool photos for you guys because of my new job. I'm now an assistant stylist for a fashion magazine. That's mean i do everything from getting the sample clothes, change the outfit for the model, rearrange the editor room, sending e-mails to typing and bla bla bla. Not that the job is bad or anything, It bring me to many places and many situation, not to mention all the pretty clothes and the opportunity to learn more about photography.
In this set it's my first fashion shoot, so I'm too exciting and too confusing to do my task properly. Lucky me I got many helpers but next time I'll make it better and maybe (I can't let it effect my job) I can take more shots for you guys.

with love ♥

Pan's Holiday

P.S. The Prada dress the model wearing is jaw droping beautiful!!


Elle est où ma caisse? said...

thats awesome
how did you get the job? have you been to any art school?

shimu's holiday said...

Haha cool job cool photos!! Hope next time it's Chloe turn bang na:D. Niki

June said...

great job. i'm glad you had fun.

Your fan.

Mona said...

Nice post<3 I feel like such a stalker now, commenting on your blog. LOL

essenceanddesire said...

Great job! and amazing photos!
I love your blog, thank you for your comment!

rebeca said...

woww...great job!! fantastic!

Merily said...

You're so lucky! And I love the dress aswell.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. that is so awesome! thats like my dream job! tell me more about it. what magazine? how did you end up getting the job? what college did you go to? sorry for the interrogation, but i was just wondering, and your job sounds so interesting.

Mona said...

Time to update, P'Pan and P'Niki! :)

shimu's holiday said...

yes, maam

Pan's lazy holiday

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