Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spike Jonze : There Are Too Many of Us-I'm Here






Spike Jonze, our favorite director directed a short film about a "boy meet girl" love story. The film also feature 3 interesting artist: Sonny (for the robot design), Meryl (sculpture feature in one of the best scene) and Aska (for the song that capture the whole film).

Spike Jonze Interview:
What inspired you to portray robots in your short film "I'm Here"?
I wanted to make a relationship movie about a young couple in Los Angeles falling in love. And the kind of love they had seemed to me to be best shown with robots.

What kind of reaction did you get from the audience?
Many varying reactions. I met a robot in London who really did not like it. He became violent and hurt me. He fractured my skull and then broke down and cried. Not real tears, but robot tears. I think the film struck a nerve with him. Maybe a real raw place that he doesn't like to go to about his past relationships. I’m not sure.

(Source: Diesel Art Gallery, Japan)

Watch the film here:
Download the soundtrack: There are many of us - Aska

In a world that we all live like a robot, what should be better that a robotic love ?
A good film for Sunday night like this!
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