Saturday, November 13, 2010

vdo of the day : Slow Reverse

Directed by Niki Lisa Nantaterm and Alexandra Lou Plesner.

Can you come up with a saying sweet enough to lick it?
A frantic energy starts spreading through the veins. The playfulness of the dark in the rich air of a
polaroid dream captured somewhere in the areas of Berlin, London, Antwerp and Butlins
Minehead. The video clip to the song Moving by Slow Reverse is a collection of bizarre and
fantastic moments from being on the road, that look as good as they taste. In their very first music
video Niki Lisa Nantaterm and Alexandra Lou Plesner try to let the small pieces of their world fall
right to the foot side of the heart.

Special thanks to Pun Parut Sarasas, Thip Penpayap and Belle Krittikar Yindeear-rom.

...Hope you like it

Niki's holiday


Leisure Ministry said...

I've always love this song
and I love your video!
:D :D :D

from Miss Terri : ))))))

shimu's holiday said...

Thank you so much kaa:) so glad that you like it:D


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