Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shimu's Runway Match vol.4 : Disney Best Dressed

Cruella de Vil (Michael Kors)
She's the London heiress who always wear skin tight satin gown match with big fur coat and cigarette holder. If we cut off her cruel of hunting for little puppy and fur maniac. We can't refuse that her style is like a fatale Holly Golightly.

(Nina Ricci)
Ursula is a sea witch who wear LBD under the sea. She knows how to look good in that body. Ursula give the cool short hair look 20 years before Agyness Deyn and you have to admit that her style is classic.

(Giambattista Valli)
Although Jafar is an Arab guy but he know about this fall trend more than any character. Jafar pick up the bold shoulder look before anyone. His style is sharp and classy. The silhouette of his outfit is undeniable.

Evil Queen
(Max Azria)
The Evil Queen is extremely beautiful. She's a truly femme fatale. She take care herself very well by consult her magic mirror everyday. Her royal background give her an elegant and graceful style. She always in velvet coat with trimmed fur over a velvet gown.

Tinker Bell
We can't deny her charm and personality. Even though she is a lady with small figure, her style never fail to be the center of attraction. She always in a mini cocktail sequins dress and sparkling the whole room with her lively character. She is definitely a fairy tale it girl.

Madame Medusa (Prada)
A red head villain who beat everyone with her loose v neck dress. She combined sexy, casual and cool altogether. We all have to admit that we want her loose dress. It would looked really cool with jacket and leggings or even blazer. Madame, I suggest don't waste your time kidnapping a spoil brat. You should be at fashion week.

Donald Duck
(Chanel cruise 2010)
This little guy is being a muse for more than 70 years. He pick his outfit as a sailor and stay "in" for all his life. On his 70th birthday Karl Lagerfeld drew a portrait of him in Karl's signature glasses and cardigan. T-shirts with the image have been sold as collector's items. His sailor trend is repeated again and again. This time it's come with Chanel cruise collection 2010.

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