Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Great Unexpect Clemente





The Great Expectation by Alfonso Cuaron is one of my favorite movie of all time. All the paintings that Finnegan Bell (Ethan Hawke) draws is so inspiring, you feel like you being drag into those eyes. Not until recently that I found out who is the painting behind all this. He's an Italian painter who made great name, Francesco Clemente. He did some paintings in collaborate with Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat in the 80s. Now his art is evolved greatly from this collection. It's become a lot more mature and a lot more provocative. If you like this, recommend you to googled his name to know him better.

Another thing I love about the movie is the soundtrack. I keep listening til the cassette is stretched (well, if you can remember how our life are in the 90s !!!).

Pan's Holiday


June said...

Sis, I just watched this movie again a few days ago! What a coincidence. Yeah like it too.

RainCooper said...

I love this movie.Thank you for reminding me about the great art!!!
Im going to have a little google now.

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