Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I Did Last Summer







After desperately try to find time for a shooting. As you guys can easily guess, the "to die for" job is tied me up than you could imagine. (weekend also) So so So I accidentally stumble into my old old pictures of me and my family on the trip last year. We went to the sea, look closely I can't believe that I used to have that long hair!
Time goes by, i suppose ...

Now you know what I did last summer :)

Pan's Holiday

ps. just bought a Nylon Japan apr issue :))))))) will find something interesting to post here.
pss. the Chanel press kit is at my office computer. So i can't upload it now, maybe this weekend.
psss. The Bangkok Fashion Week is tomorrow! I have to assist the photographer for a backstage shots , might find some shot of my own too!

love you all
Pan's Holiday


AsianCajuns said...

Love your blog! These photos are so awesomely modern/vintage.
Thanks for visiting our blog- we'll add you to our roll ;)

Anonymous said...

those pictures are so cute!!! love them.
and ahh im so insanely jealous you get to go backstage for fashion week.

Fall from high heels said...

I love those pictures especially the polaroids. They are soo cute. By the way, are you working for Harper's bazaar Thailand? I think I found your picture in the magazine.

Have a great weekend!!

ellevictoire said...

that first picture is too cute :)

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