Thursday, March 26, 2009




call me outdated ! call me old-fashioned ! call me tacky !
but I have to admit that i just found a super duper cool album like this!!!!
I accidentally got it from the stylist (aka my boss). He used this in the latest fashion week for one of the show. I could say it IS a fashion songs. The album is called "The Mash Up Machine" from Soulwax. All the songs is the combination of 2 great songs mixed together (good mixing too!) like The Beatles vs Kraftwerk become Tour De Eleanor Rigby, Destiny's Child vs Nirvana become Smells Like Booty or Alex Gopher vs Prince become a really cool song named Party People.

will try to upload some for you guys later,
but right now, you all fashionista should go find one and ...
enjoy ♥

Pan's Holiday

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