Friday, November 28, 2008

The Lorick Lady

Cake Coma

A Room of One's Own

Over Grown Garden

In Limbo

After the Storm

Bedroom Disaster

Demolition Party

An ex-model and a ghost designer behind Gossip Girl's character, Eleanor Waldorf, Miss Abigail Lorick introduce us to her fascinating presentation of the perished beauty. Her spring 2009 collection derived from the scenarios of the girls which their life is falling apart but ,still they continue to follow their beauty senses, drinking champagne and eating cake. The whole floor was devided into 7 rooms, The Cake Coma, A Room of One's Own, The Over Grown Garden, In Limbo, After the Storm, Bed Room Disaster and The Demolition Party.

In Nylon Magazine, Lorick gave her definition of an "it girl" to be the girl who make the most of the situation. I think this might be one of the thought behind the whole theme.

Also, you might see these clothes soon in the new season of the Gossip Girl.

Pan's Holiday

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