Monday, November 24, 2008

Chloe Spring - Summer 2009

The clothes speak to a girl's heart. Keeping a sense of realism and wearability in the clothes has been the foundation of creating the new chloé look. the shapes are uncomplcated, without fuss. Lines are pure and clean, as if cutting paper in air. Embellishment is considered.

A first impression of the chloé girl is one of understated chic. She is present and comfortable in her body. Her step is light and assertive, her touch is true. her attitude has become sexier more grown up. She is aware of celebrating and enhancing her femininity. she still re
mains a girl eternal on the inside. she is a rare bird of paradise.

For spring 2009, chloé plays on clichés from late 70s and early 80s couture, but with a naivety and exaggeration. scallops, polka dots, leopard print and embroidered guipure lace on linen are contrasted with a relaxed sexiness invoked by the spirit of lauren hutton in . light tailored jackets with a newly defined shoulder are paired with floppy masculine pants or scallop edged shorts. smaller, more feminine inspired jackets in light wool crepe with crepe de chine lining in powder colours are lightly constructed to resemble cardigan jackets. there is also a search for a cleaner, modern femininity, expressed in the clean lines of long column dresses in silk crepe plissé.

There are twin sets and total look dressing. a safari shirt and skirt in cotton poplin are put together in the spirit of matching ensembles in uniform safari colours of khaki, sand, beige and navy, used in solid blocks of colour. all inspired by images of the wardrobe of richard gere’s character in the classic movie. early 80s warhol yellow and lilac are mixed with american pancake makeup orange.

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