Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dating Ideas

I saw a lot of couple don't really have anything to do when it comes to dating except go to the movie and watch the latest flick. So these are some ideas to spend time together.

Prada - Kenzo
scene: recommended; Suan Rod Fai, a big space with bike for rent. Suan Loung ror 9, not so crowded
wear: summer dress! what could be better ?
the good: Two of us under the tree, feeling so free. The scenario is just right♥
the bad: Thailand is so so so so HOT!
you'll need:
- drinks (alcohol is not allowed in the park, better hide it well)
- finger food such as sandwiches (we recommend custard Nakamura), or you could show your cooking skill at this point.
- music, very important
- camera!
the romance: ♥♥♥♥

Art Movie Screenings
the good: will experience something new and definitely something to talk about, including meeting interesting people!
the bad: Not much car park available-beware. Check the movie before you go. It could be difficult to enjoy, sometime.
you'll need:
- almost nothing since the movie is screening for free.
we have 2 choices :
"French Touch"
Sonia Rykial - Dries Van Noten
scene: Alliance Francaise Sathorn Road; every Wednesday night
wear: thinking Eva Green in her red beret with a gold cigarette stick to her mouth while chained to the cinema gate in The dreamers first scene. That's it!
the romance: ♥♥♥

"Alternative Choice"
Chloe Sevigny for Open Ceremony - Hermes
scene: RMA institute Sukhumvit 22 ; every Sunday night
wear: cool casual. It's Sunday night!
the romance: ♥♥♥

Board Games Night
Jason Wu - Missoni
scene: some friend's place (better in the heart of the city).
wear: a sexy nerd would be very interesting for this one.
you'll need:
- board game, of cause!
- a couple of friends to share some fun with you. Because most board games would really fun with 4 people.
- a place with table for four at lease.
- wine & snacks
the good: it could be a double dates and you could having fun helping your BF to win or just win against him (haha). It also making you know him or her better when it comes to competition.
the bad: You'll need to have the right people or it could be very boring or annoyed.
the romance: ♥♥

Chanel - Louis Vuitton
scene: swimming pool! (the private one would be better or choose not too much traffic time)
wear: adorable bathing suit. Don't go for the sexy one, it would be too obvious. Make it stylish.
you'll need:
- some toys or games that you could play in the pool. You don't have to really play but it will help kill the awkwardness when things got out of hands.
the good: the activity could turn into something really hot!
the bad: the activity could turn into something really hot! ....and if you don't ready for that yet, it could be something really awkward too.
the romance: ♥♥♥♥

after writing all this, I think maybe dinner and a movie might still be a perfect choice. haha BUT if you want some changes, I think it's no harm trying.

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