Thursday, June 10, 2010

Operation Fabulous

I really like all the suitcase on the right!

The left one is actually Thai designer, Munchu. Love the color of these pages.

Sosad that couldn't feature Versace purple printed bodysuit but only their PVC skirt is still really cool!

This Bally trench coat is really really cool. There's a big sexy cut out in the back too!

Really love this look of Hermes (right page). Although I feel kinda sad that I couldn't feature Alexander Wang in my set because it's not match with any other clothes.

This month, there's my styling work in Harper's BAZAAR Thailand June issue too. Not really Shimu, huh ? Can't really help with that. Got to respect the identity of the magazine. I did my best with this one, though I'm not really happy about it. Next time I will correct my mistake to get a better work!

Photographs by Riksh Upamaya
Styling: Pan, miss V
Make Up: Noo Wallaya
Hair: Lili

Pan's Holiday

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