Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Party!!


Long time ago, we, Shimu's girls, use to be part of a party called "Coco Night" now. Now all the friends is back together again. We are older, wiser and funnier. So this time it's gonna be real fun...

we invite you to... "Coconut Party"

first, Register: You will walk into the party like you are. (of cause, you have to buy the ticket first, hehe)
second, Dress up!: You will be drawn in a load of paper props (we try to make it as much as possible) and you could dress what you like with us!!
third, Get Inspire: Our friends got some art work to share with you. It won't be boring, we're talking something very inspiring here.
fourth, Rooftop Concert: it's time to get drunk on the rooftop, listen to the music of
- The cool girls band, "Yellow Fang"
- The cool boys, "Basement Tape"
- The cool boys & cool girls, "Slow Reverse"

So, I really hope we could finally get to meet. I will posting more about "Coconut" and what Shimu gonna do at the party.

let's partyy!!!
Shimu's Sister

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