Friday, September 20, 2013

Pepe Jeans new store review!

About two weeks ago, Shimu's Holiday have been invited to be one of the very first to visit Pepe Jeans first flagship store in Thailand and got a chance to chat with Robinson executives and Pepe Jeans International Director, Bart Denolf, for the details behind the cool brand.

: : The Event : :

Bart Denolf, Pepe Jeans International Director

Gerard McGurk, Robinson Executive and models

It was a cosy event with only selected press and Pepe Jeans staffs. We got permission to explore the mint condition store first. This store is the most up-to-date Pepe jeans concept store (and also the biggest in South East Asia). It's the mimic version of London Portobello market in the 70s where the brand originally begins. So what you will see is a lot of vintage trunks, pulleys and rope. It's divided into 3 or 4 sections. Two of my favourite sections are the Andy Warhol collection (with Warhol signature on the wall, you couldn't miss it!) and the 73 premium rock denim section where all the cool vintage remake jeans are.

To get to know the brand better, below are a cool brand introduction and the the AW 2013 campaign (featuring the cool Cara Delevinge). They are fun and rebel, much better than my description. lol


: : Shimu's Picks : :
Some pieces of AW2013 collection that we love and why we love them.

"Pepe Jeans X Andy Warhol collection"
We are Warhol big fan! So we basically fall for everything in the collection. This is the section that you shouldn't miss when you check the store. Girl clothes in the collection are cute but boy clothes are even cuter. The coolest part is Andy Warhol collection for Pepe Jeans will be updated every season too!

{ Feminine Look }
Pepe Jeans is not all about tough denim looks. The brand DNA is somewhat rebellion, edgy and very british. To make the picture clearer, the brand presenters are Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne. So that inspired us to pick one of our favourite look , a floral dress with ankle boots and all the soft pieces to pay salut to ms.Chung.

{Boyish Look}
I just love dressing like a boy sometime. It make you stand out when he whole room is full of girly girl. This Andy Warhol stripe shirt has took all my heart. Pair it up with skinny stone washed jeans. Yeah, that's the effortless rock chic!

{ Boho Chic }
Another look we love is Boho Chic. If you can't imagine what it like, imagine Kate Moss in her off duty outfit. Yep, the skinny faded jeans, preferably in grey, and flowy printed blouse. Easy, effortless and cool. Trust me, the grey skinny jeans is worth investing in.

If you have enough of me babbling about Pepe Jeans, I would say it a lot better to explore Pepe Jeans yourself at 3 fl. CTW.

Also, they ask me to invite you guys to the opening party under the London underground club. The event start around 6 on Oct 4. So see you there!

Pan's Holiday

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Robinson Fashion Week 2013

Shimu's Holiday at Robinson Fashion week!

Pan's Holiday

Niki's Holiday

We've been invited to cover Robinson Fashion Week early this month! So we sneaked/peaked/snapped everything from backstage to front row to present you the best angle of the event in Shimu's Holiday style!

: : : Back Stage : : :
We've managed to sneak behind the scene of Fashion Week. So we snap interesting make up trend (yep, those are Bobbi Brown cool fall looks) and fashion figures that we found interesting !

Red lips and flawless skin for EP: red lips together with black dress is always a classics!

Ploy and her bold brows. (Yeah, asian eyes can go with bold brows too!)

Lips Magazine Fashion and his models in F.O.F. and Yishion; eccentric looks with statement accessories.

Here's p'Chai from Marie Claire give a touch of Paris to his models in EP and Fox.

: : : Runway : : : 
The runway here is fun and exciting with celebrities together with Thailand top models. It become quite exciting from the cheers of their fans. Try to imagine Tokyo Girls Collections !

k.Sanchai, Vogue style director, with his model in F.Fashion.

A Shimu's Holiday favourite look from F.O.F. ,a head-to-toe print street style.

Another one from F.O.F., we like those white pants. It's could be one of the closet stables.

We love the contrast between a floral dress and the sport sneakers from Yishion!

It's the 100 millions actress here! Miss Davika in her head-to-toe florals look.

Another look named street spice, that's the combination of a bold print dress, a cut-off gloves and some attitude! Just perfect for Friday night.

Miss Si in her sleek working outfit from Espada.

 An autumn total look from Daks. You couldn't be more autumn than this. 

This one is really effortless and cool! You can embrace the model-off-the-runway look with fur tees and skinny black jeans from EP. (if you are a lucky girl and born skinny, this is perfect!).

: : : Front Row : : :
Front row pictures is the juiciest part! Here's we pict a few photos for you!

Ploy Chava and Ploy Horwang, I know you wanna see what they're wearing. 

All the styling queens, stylish and eccentric on the front row. 

Shimu's Opinion:
So, here is where you might ask what is the verdict ?
I'd say Robinson did a great job to showing all the benefit of their house brands. Many pieces are perfect for updating your autumn wardrobe without having to max out your credit card. Also if you look closely, you can see that some of them are very easy to carry, like a satin blouse or a lace white dress which means you can wear it over and over again and it can go with almost everything!

But if you looking for highly polished runway look. I would not recommended them since these brands intend to be a street wear and everyday work clothes.

So if you having to pass by Robinson, make sure you stop by their clothes section. You might be surprise to find some nice little pieces to spice up your wardrobe without hurting your wallets too much!

love ♥ ,
Shimu's Holiday

Friday, August 9, 2013

Kinfolk Playlist

A friend recommend these playlists from Kinfolk to me. Such a bliss :)

Perfect for long weekend !

Pan's Holiday

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shimu's Holiday X Robinson Fashion Week

Shimu's Holiday feels so honour to be one of the exclusive reporter to give you full report from front rows to backstage, of Robinson Fashion Week 2013.

So, be exited with us and stay tune!

for those who wanna join us, below are the invitation!

Shimu's Holiday

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Closet Staples

I'm browsing my inspiration photos and found that I always drawn to these few closet staples. So why keep it to just myself. Here are items that I think everyone should have in their closet t lease one! (although make it a dozen if you could!) hearts;

White Tops
"It's make you looked nice and clean. And it can go with everything!"
The classics : crispy white shirt, lace top
Also explore : sport style


"It's a mixture between cool and chic. You can't go wrong with it"
The classics : long sleeves stripes top
Also explore : stripes shirts


"The easiest way to make you looked cool even on lazy day"
The classics : high-waist pants, denim shirts
Also explore : denim short dress, jumpsuits

Floral Print
"For a feminine mood"
The classics : small floral print dress
Also explore : floral printed jackets or blazer


What's your closet staples ?

share with me!

Pan's Holiday

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